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It has the rugged utility look of a trail-running shoe combined with the on-purpose clash of colours and materials at the core of Why Not?

Jordan Why Not Zer0.5

  • Color: White-black
  • Material: Mesh/Synthetic
  • ID: DC3637-160
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The Jordan Why Not? Zer0.5 optimises the superpower of speed with data-informed traction and a full-foot fit system that keeps him contained and in control. It has the rugged utility look of a trail-running shoe combined with the on-purpose clash of colours and materials at the core of Why Not?

  • Color: White
  • Material: Mesh/Synthetic
  • ID: DC3637-160

Who should buy the Jordan Why Not Zer0.5

This Jordan basketball shoe is going to suit you so well if you are looking for a shoe that:

  • accommodates wide feet
  • is really light and supportive
  • doubles as a lifestyle sneaker
  • hits the ground running; no need to break in
  • works well on rough outdoor courts

Who should NOT buy this basketball shoe from Jordan

Players with narrow and normal feet may want to wear thick socks so that the Jordan Why Not Zer0.5 fits them better. If doing this is not their thing, they can always go for the Air Jordan 36 or the Nike KD 14; these are shoes that are known for having a rather narrow build.

While the Why Not 5 fits bigger players well, this shoe may still turn them off if they are looking for a lot of impact protection. They are better off getting the Nike LeBron 19.  

On rough surfaces, the grip is indeed strong

The nubs on the rubber outsole prevent slips and make sure that the feet are securely planted. This basketball shoe’s traction is best felt on surfaces that deliver the most friction.

Forefoot Zoom that you can actually feel

The front part of the shoe is equipped with a Zoom unit that really does its job of delivering significant energy return. The structure of the forefoot also allows the shoe to provide a good amount of court feel.

While the heel area is still able to compress upon impact, the protection that it gives is still not comparable to really cushy shoes such as the Nike LeBrons. 

The Jordan Why Not Zer0.5 is quite roomy

This basketball shoe from the Jordan brand provided enough wiggle room for the toe. Those who want a snug fit can wear socks that are thicker.

Being this spacious, the Jordan Why Not Zer0.5 is suitable for basketball players who have wide feet. 

Jordan surely did not forget comfort when making this shoe

The materials that make up the upper are thin and feel minimal. It doesn’t really hurt even if you wear this shoe for a long time. Given this shoe’s artiful aethetics, you can even wear this casual strolls around town.

It must be noted here still that the tongue doesn’t have that much padding. While really comfortable, the materials can still feel a bit cheap. The craftsmanship can still use some improvement as there are visible glue stains all over the shoe. But it’s not like someone will really zoom in on your shoe when you pass by, right?

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7 reviews for Jordan Why Not Zer0.5

  1. t

    Great fit (order your usual size) with excellent heel and ankle support.. rugged bottom sole grip.. breathable mesh top. Will order additional colors

  2. Yuhe Xia

    Fits my feet as it described. Love the ankle protection and it feels comfortable.

  3. andrea willcox

    I have tried many times to get shoes online. This is one of the first time I have actually had great luck. These shoes work perfectly for me.

  4. Eva Alonso-Raskovich

    This shoe is amazing but I am not surprised as I have been buying basketball shoes from Chinese manufacturers for a few years now and they are superior to the ones offered by Nike, UA and Adidas in so many ways. Comfortable, great cushion, great traction and breathability. Relatively lightweight and they look good, another area that the chinese are beating the others at. They seem to be more open and creative with their designs and their shoes actually work well for almost all people in basketball. Too many times, you need to wait a long time for Nike, UA or Adidas to come out with a shoe that excels in all categories.

  5. Ellis ward

    Just as good as Nike KD line shoe…. And for less money!!

  6. Anthony B

    Saved my ankles a time or two already. I use them for volleyball and have gotten quite a few complements about how cool these shoes look and where to get something similar. 8/10 would recommend to a friend. The back loop for pulling the shoe on broke on one of the shoes but this has happened on all the shoes that I own after regular use, so I’m not going to knock this shoe for having the same issue.

  7. Kenneth D.

    This shoe is solid! Super comfy and it feels like the lockdown will be good. For anyone wondering these shoes are built for a wider based foot and they do fit true to size. I would recommend going half a size down if you want that snug fit and don’t want any dead space in the toe box. I still haven’t played in them yet so I don’t know how the traction is but I can say that the rubber is pretty sturdy so it should hold up indoors and outdoors. My only complaint is it is a hassle to put on since it is a high top style shoe but that isn’t much of a deal breaker. Overall if you’re looking for an affordable shoe to hoop in and want that cushion and comfort then these are a must cop!

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